We are two sisters living in Kent, near London, in the United Kingdom. We decided to create this blog because we thought it'd be really nice to have an ongoing project that we could work on together, and use as a creative outlet to share our personal experiences on all things travel, lifestyle, and generally just navigating ourselves through our 20s. 

We love to travel, especially when we get the opportunity to do this together or even with our parents and younger brother too. Our love of travel most definitely stems from our parents, they always took us on a holiday at least once a year and for that we consider ourselves very grateful. 


People often tell us how different we are. Em is the more confident of the two, works in childcare, loves scrap-booking and baking, and probably spends a tad too much time on social media. Jess on the other hand seems more shy when you first meet her, works in the healthcare sector, loves cooking and reading, and still has the Nokia brick she got when she was 15 (being 100% serious). 

We hope you enjoy our blog and following along with our adventures. We upload a new post every Sunday, but during lockdown we've also been uploading on Fridays as well.

If there's ever anything you guys want to see us write about then please let us know and we'll do our best! Lots of love x

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