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Updated: Jun 5

Knowing where to start... 

Well in the words of Julie Andrews, “at the very beginning is the very best place to start”.

So here goes:

Hi all! I am the Jess half of Em and Jess. As you’ve probably gathered by now, Em and I are sisters who have recently started this blog together as a fun and creative way to share all of our tips and experiences on travel, lifestyle and well-being. So make sure to stay tuned if any of that appeals to you!

Now a bit about me:

~ I love to travel (obviously): As you’ve probably gathered by now, Em and I both caught the travel bug at a very young age, something we owe to our wonderful Mum and Dad who always made sure our family holidays were the highlight of the year. Sticking mainly to Europe, our Canvas/Eurocamp holidays were my gateway to exploring new cultures, cuisine and my interest in history. We also had our Big holidays doing Orlando Florida, going back once our younger brother was

‘officially’ tall enough. >>

And Then there was Antigua, the place our parents (basically) eloped. They wanted to share the beautiful Caribbean island with us, and they did in 2009, 2010 & 2015, which we are so grateful for.

By the time we started travelling on our own, we felt well equipped to tackle the challenges that materialise, although we do still blunder our way through occasionally (hey, we can’t all be perfect 😜)

Basically I live life for the next holiday.


~ I am also what you would call a Homebody: I enjoy nothing more than curling up with a good book (all recommendations welcome) with a large mug of tea, or if I’m treating myself, a hot chocolate! I’ve got very good at hot chocolates, and have quite the collection of flavours, YUM! I like my own company, maybe too much sometimes, but would be lost without my girls and of course my family.

~ I secretly love writing: I say secretly in that no one ever gets to see my stuff. Normally it’s just for me, but Em convinced me to do this with her so I’m being brave! Writing is something that has always calmed me, if I feel anxious it always helps me to put pen to paper - or fingers to keys - so apologies if any of my posts get a bit rambley, you have been warned! No one else has to read it, it’s just for you to clear your head and get things off your chest.

I always tear mine up after it’s done. It’s very therapeutic.

~ I recently got into knitting: so it was really a way for me to try and bond with my Granny, and actually it was my New Years revolution LAST year. To be fair, I did make a solid start (my teddy

now sports a lovely new scarf) but I have now taught myself the difference between knit and Purl (thank you YouTube) and am making real headway with a new scarf for an actual human!

~ I am addicted to Pinterest!... I am terrible when it comes to social media of any type (case in point, that it’s taken over a year to get my first post up! Haha!) but Pinterest has me totally hooked! There is just something about flicking through endless amounts of images that is very addictive, and I lose hours to it every night.

~ I am a binge watcher: I like to save my favourite shows up so I can binge watch them in one go. Some people think it’s weird, especially when it’s something everyone is talking about (Game of Thrones proved particularly tricky) but I find it’s the best way to really get involved with a show, otherwise just as you’re getting into it BANG it’s the end of the episode and now you have to wait a whole week for the next one! My memory is not good enough for this kind of watching! One of my all time favourites is Grey’s Anatomy. I came into it so late I had like 13 seasons to catch up on, it was amazing!! (And for the record, I introduced Em to the show)

So that’s me in a nutshell, I’ll probably end up revealing more to you guys further along the line, but for now I think that’s enough from me.

If you’ve stuck with me this far I hope you enjoy any further posts, and suggestions or feedback are most welcome, I look forward to hearing from you 😊



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